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Healing Stones

As a result healing stones have given strength, cured diseases, and offered protection since the beginning of time. Consequently their healing properties were known as early as the stone age. For instance, four Thousand years before Christ the Chinese had developed one of the oldest methods of healing using healing stones. Therefore, belief in the power of healing stones was an essential component for people through the ages. In other words, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans considered love, immortality, protection, health and fulfillment in life linked to the healing powers of healing stones or crystals.

The Bible and the 12 Precious Stones

Above all the Bible “The Book of Revelations”, describes God as “being a pure precious healing stone made of jasper, carnelian and emerald.” The Israelite’s used 12 precious healing stones to create their Oracle. These twelve stones converted to not only the 12 signs of the zodiac, but also the 12 months and the lucky stones. (Guzman, 2008)

Healing Energy

Similarly Healing stones act as a channel for healing with the flow of positive healing energy into the body, and the negative energy drawn out. Most noteworthy different stones or crystal have different properties which treat different issues. First of all they were used for curing diseases and for protection. Therefore the protection was against negative energies which many perceive as evil forces of earth, nature and self healing.  

Positive Vibration Energy

Likewise positive vibration energy that comes from healing stones from their positive vibration energy. Consequently, minerals, trace elements  are essential components of the body and of nature. As a result without these factors biological life on earth would be impossible. Furthermore, from the beginning of evolution, stones have given strength to humans, animals and plants. (Guzman, 2008) Chakras


Certainly for thousands of years man has had the knowledge of the healing energy of these stones.  Consequently, knowledge was passed from generation to generation. Likewise the knowledge handed down for ages faded and almost disappeared. As a result this happened with the coming of the Industrial Revolution.  At that time modern medicine and science, had no use for alternative medicine. They ridiculed and dismissed alternative medicine as nonsense.

 Natural Remedies

As a result doctors and scientists, are looking at natural remedies with a minimal dependence on drugs to compliment their prescribed treatment. (Guzman, 2008)
Even though, these precious stones play an important role in our body. Because they act in many ways to our advantage and neutralize the imbalances in our body that cause us to become ill. Above all Precious stones have the highest preventive abilities, without side effects.(Guzman, 2008) Gemstones

Guzman, G.(2008).Encyclopaedia of healing stones, fragrances and herbs. Methusalem Verlagsges.Neu-Ulm, Germany


Healing stones are tools and should not be used as a substitute for a doctor’s medical advice. Instead it can be a complementary therapy along with your doctors prescribed treatment.

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendants
Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendants
Raw Amethyst
With its Stunning beauty and powers to stimulate, soothe, the mind and emotions. Purple Amethyst has been revered through the ages. The most common and universal healing stones.
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Tourmalated Quartz
Commonly contains Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. Powerful shielding from negative energy. A crystal of balance (Yin-Yang)
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Apache Tears
Apache Tears are odd shaped Black Obsidian stones. A stone of protection , compassion, and creativity. Reduces the pain of arthritis, cramps, and joint problems and aid in detoxification.
Black Andradite Garnet
This stone has a deep, strong grounding energy, and is an effective psychic protection stone. Black Garnet intensifies your creative energies. Has a vibration that stimulates you to feel positive about life.
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Tiger Eye
A stone of grounding and protection. Increases self-discipline and personal power. A stone to help us remain calm and courageous, and stay focused and endure.
The name Rhodonite comes from the Greek "rhodos" (rose).This stone often has inclusions of black manganese.This makes it a source of balancing and centering energy. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. This is a stone of unconditional love.
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