How Guillermina”s Artistic Creations became a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our handmade unique healing stone jewelry, knows they are getting an authentic Artistic Creations piece. An exquisite piece of  jewelry worthy of an individual with creative vision seeking energetic healing, love, or protection.  

Guillermina  Sumpter
Guilllermina’s Artistic Creations, CEO

It took me many years before I created Artistic Creations Store…

It seemed like life was always happening, working, raising children, taking care of ill parents, grieving the death of both parents within a year of each other. That time was very hard but with faith, and my family we got through it. I knew that I was going to open my own business. I wanted my jewelry to be designer, one of a kind and with a purpose to uplift and help the wonderful customer wearing it. Finally it was my time. I started out making beaded kumihimo jewelry.

At this same time, my husband became ill…

He was in terrible pain from diabetic neuropathy.  He was given a medication that is usually used to treat seizures.  This helped a little with the pain, but it also had side effects that made it impossible for him to continue to take it. It was then that we decided to use Reiki and combined it with crystals. We researched stones and their properties and found healing stones like Serpentine for Diabetes, Chiastolite or its common name Cross Stone for help with pain. 

As I looked at my designs…

I looked up the stones I found their meaning and learned that each stone radiates its own energy and has its own purpose.   This is when I found the perfect  stones to help him. I decided that I would use these semiprecious stones and make jewelry with a purpose to help people like my husband.

Why not combine beautiful jewelry and  healing stones to satisfy the desires of our customers.  I had a concern about the price point for some of these beads, because the cost of the different combination of stones, might turn off customers. But then after looking at sets of beads I realized that I was on the right path. I decided to create a unique, out of the ordinary piece of healing jewelry. Made for the individual who is seeking healing, insight and spiritual energy.

Jewelry with a purpose…

Healing stones, or crystals, are used as a tool for recharging our mind and as an energy source for healing our bodies.  Crystals are magnets that attract and repel other magnetic objects.  Healing crystals preform in two ways, some are pulling crystals that clear out unwanted energy. Pushing crystals enhance energy levels.  Healing crystals are said to be able to heal, mend a broken heart, help with anxiety, provide light happiness and abundance, create positive energy and thinking, and so much more. 

As it turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined. Suppliers of certain stones were hard to find and the ones that were found did not want to negotiate on price. I decided to make the jewelry with the combinations that I had, I kept on looking and found suppliers that had what I needed at the price I found negotiable. Additionally, I feared no one would like the healing stone jewelry, and that my customers wouldn’t come. Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been very rewarding.

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