Apache Tears Healing Stone



I am supported myself to grieve.

Apache Tears The Stone of Healing from Loss and Trauma

The legend of Apache Tears happened in the 1870’s. There was a battle between the American Calvary and a small group of Apache warriors. When the warriors saw that they could not win they ran their horses off a cliff to their deaths. The sadness, sorrow and tears of the wives and children was so great that God felt sorry for their grief. He made their tears into black obsidian stones.  These healing stones are good luck for whoever owns them. As the legend says whoever owns an Apache tear drop will never cry again.

Apache Tears belongs to the family of obsidians and have a hardness of 7. They were formed when lava drops were cooled suddenly by water or snow. Apache Tears are spiritual grounding stones healing stone that supports letting go.  This stone has become one of the best stones to use in times of sorrow, negativity, and sadness. A form of raw Obsidian. This healing stone comforts those who are grieving. Apache Tears relieve and heal internal disorders and depression. They are comforting and grounding as you heal from grief and trauma. These healing stones are for grounding and protection. They help you clear negative emotions. Brings understanding, and clarity to any situation. 

What Makes This Apache Tears Pendant so Special

  • Apache Tears Pendants were designed and handcrafted with love by the designer personally.
  • Gemstones for healing, grounding and protection.
  • It enhances the Root  Chakra-Spirituality, Enlightenment
  • 2 1/4″ X 1″  wire wrapped Apache Tears Pendant
  • Silver Filled 22 and 24 GA .
  • SKU: WWP008
  • Price: $40.00
  • All supplies were handpicked from leading sources.
  • Designed to harmonize with your life style. They are as individual as you are.
  • Exclusively featured on Guillermina’s Artistic Creations you can’t find this anywhere else.

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