Labradorite New Beginning Necklace


I Am Divine I See Clearly I Speak clearly I Am Loved I Am Powerful I Am Creative I Am Grounded

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Labradorite the Stone of Motivation and Protection

Labradorite a Rare Feldspar Kumihimo Necklace

Labradorite Kumihimo necklace is a fashionable stunning fashion necklace. A striking iridescent stone known for its mix of beautiful colors. A rare feldspar discovered in Canada and named after the region where discovered.

A Very Powerful Protection Stone

It is a very powerful protection stone that deflects unwanted energies, stimulates intuition and stabilizes your aura. The stone increases the ability to focus on personal issues and makes us confident so one can share personal truth. It banishes insecurities and fears. When opportunities arise it encourages us to take the opportunities, promotes mental sharpness,  reduces anxiety and stress, and calms an over active mind. Awakens one’s intuition, and known as the stone of peace and transformation. Chakra: Throat/Third Eye/Crown
As a Kumihimo necklace it features a Labradorite gemstone chip bead. Combined with green silver lined Czech seed beads. The necklace is a spiral braid of super-lon cord and nylon metallic white and silver thread. Finished with silver filled Bali Endcaps. The necklace is matinee size 31 ½”. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to its unique qualities. Measurements may vary.  See more information on gemstones and their properties.

What Makes This Kumihimo Necklace so Special

This stunning Labradorite statement necklace hand-crafted by designer will be a fantastic addition to any outfit.


  • Labradorite chip beads
  • Green silver lined Czech seed beads
  • Bali silver filled endcaps
  • lime green Super-lon cord, combined with nylon metallic white and silver thread
  • Handmade tassel
  • Designed to show off your amazing fashion sense and to enhance your personal power
  • Only featured on Guillermina’s Artistic Creations you can’t find this anywhere else

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