Red Coral Adjustable Kumihimo Necklace


Red Coral Tells us: Look to the mirror. Any inner anxieties need not remain. Give yourself to the Coral Spirit and find your soul’s beautiful self


Red Coral Healing Stone Necklace

Luscious Red Coral “The Garden of the Sea” Necklace

Red Coral is a stylish gorgeous red coral fashion necklace. Known as the stone of peace and transformation. Often called the garden of the sea. This gemstone represents Mars, which boosts our efforts and protection. Coral helps you release unhealthy emotions. It dispels any ugliness or weakness that you may feel. Using Red Coral makes you realize the best lessons and experiences from your struggles and hardships. The healthy healing energies of Coral will deter any negative thoughts. These energies will encourage you to be positive and embrace the future and value the past.

Red Coral is an adjustable Kumihimo necklace. The focal section of the necklace made of red coral gemstone nuggets combined with red 8/0 Czech seed beads. The focal section measures 9 ¾” and ends with 18K gold overlay endcaps on each side. The Kumihimo necklace cord is a braided spiral pattern cord. Created with Super-lon cord that attaches to the necklace with Bali 18K gold overlay endcaps. The cord ends with 18k gold fill endcaps. It’s finished on each side with coral nugget beads and red tassels. The necklace is opera size 34” and is adjusted with red glass European large hole bead. The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design and sizing. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to its unique qualities. Measurements may vary. See more information on gemstones and their properties.

What Makes This Red Coral Necklace So Special. 

This Drop Dead Gorgeous Red Coral statement necklace hand-crafted by the designer. This is a bold design that will be a stunning addition to any outfit.


  • Red Coral nuggets beads
  • Ruby Red Czech seed beads
  • Bali 18K gold overlay endcaps
  • Kumihimo spiral cord braided with dark red super-lon cord, gold crochet thread
  • handmade red, coral tassels
  • red glass European large hole bead to adjust the necklace
  • Designed to show off your amazing fashion sense and to enhance your personal power
  • Only featured on Guillermina’s Artistic Creations you can’t find this anywhere else.

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